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Hadeya.com was established in 2016 with foundations based on one main principle; to redefine your gifting experience. Hadeya.com seeks to be the #1 online gifting service of its kind. We, at Hadeya.com, brought forth a unique gifting website with a purpose of providing you with the opportunity to change the way you celebrate events and occasions, alongside making the whole gifting experience more efficient and effective.

Upon registering, you will officially become a part of the Hadeya.com family. Being a part of our family simply means that we will continuously remind you of the important dates, events, and occasions that matter to you. For example, upon registration, you will be asked to fill out your personal Hadeya.com yearly calendar with all the occasions, events, and birthdays of your loved ones. As that date approaches, Hadeya.com will be sure to remind you of that event in advance. Then, you will have enough time to prepare for it and find the perfect gift for that celebration. Moreover, your personal Hadeya.com calendar will already be pre-filled with common celebrations, occasions, and events, such as: Eid, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Ramadan, etc.

Hadeya.com provides you access to specific suppliers from a variety of retail industries, which can provide you some of the best gifts for the most important, or most celebrated, events and occasions. Hadeya.com gives you the opportunity to dedicate the most unique gifting experience to your loved ones.

What makes Hadeya.com different?
The “Three Option Rule”
Whenever you send or receive a gift through Hadeya.com, you should never forget the “Three Option Rule.”
What makes Hadeya.com unique and different from any other gifting website is its famous “Three Option Rule.” Simply put, whenever you receive a gift through Hadeya.com, you will always have three options:

  1. Redeem your gift: The choice to have your gift delivered to you. Note, some products, such as jewelry, will have a pick up option instead of delivery.
  2. Redeem the value of your gift: Instead of receiving the product, you have the choice to receive the value of your gift transferred to your bank account.
  3. Add the value of your gift to your Hadeya.com Wallet: The choice to have the value of your gift added to your personal and private Wallet on Hadeya.com. This allows you to use that credit to purchase and send gifts through Hadeya.com in the future.

The best part about the “Three Option Rule” is that the person who sent you the gift will not know which of the three options you picked.

Hadeya.com is available to you upon a number of terms and conditions listed on this page (the “Terms & Conditions”). It is extremely important to note that if you do not agree with or abide by any or all of these terms and conditions, you are advised not to access or use Hadeya.com or any material, graphics, and/or information on the Site. Your use and/or access of Hadeya.com shall be viewed as an agreement by you to follow, respect, and abide by each term and condition noted on the Site.

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