About us

Hadeya.com foundations based on one main principle; to redefine your gifting experience. Hadeya.com seeks to be the #1 online gifting service of its kind. We, at Hadeya.com, brought forth a unique gifting website with a purpose of providing you with the opportunity to change the way you celebrate events and occasions, alongside making the whole gifting experience more efficient and effective.

Upon registering, you will officially become a part of the Hadeya.com family. Being a part of our family simply means that we will continuously remind you of the important dates, events, and occasions that matter to you. For example, upon registration,

Hadeya.com provides you access to specific suppliers from a variety of retail industries, which can provide you some of the best gifts for the most important, or most celebrated, events and occasions. Hadeya.com gives you the opportunity to dedicate the most unique gifting experience to your loved ones.